Blog #003 – Keep Going

Hi Tim,

Finding something to say can be difficult.

I suppose I’ve always been a man who will only speak when he means to. Never a word when not necessary. In a sense. When asking a question, it will always be “the” question, I’m not a person who will ask a vague question, as vague questions get vague answers. It’s an important skill knowing what you don’t know! I often forget words, because I usually have a word that has the perfect meaning for the situation, and it has escaped my mind. All that comes to mind are synonyms and words that sound very similar. That’s very annoying, when I’m talking to someone and I’m floundering because I was looking for the word “composition” or “extrapolate”.

But what I’m saying with this is that it’s why I find blogs very difficult to keep up on a regular basis. If I don’t have something in mind to talk about, how can I talk? I end up just digressing and talking about every little thing, culminating in a mass of small anecdotes and little thoughts that haven’t budded into fully-thought ideas or theories or viewpoints. Like how my clothes horse never gets put away. And how Rich Tea are fine biscuits.

I guess there is a skill to search for topics, and perhaps formulate a blog post during the week. That’s what I expect professional and full-time bloggers or journalists do – they search for stories or ideas. That’s all well and good, but trying to do something as a hobby does not burden the same motivation that a paying job does. I’ll spend a whole day typing words into cells in Excel if it’s my job, but give it to me to do when I feel like it and it’ll never get done…

I don’t know what kind of situation that would be; maybe something to do with creating functioning SQL on a website.

My last blog was mainly made up of small digressions every which way so I’m going to try and avoid that. I have no advise, I’m afraid, so you’ll have to stick with me and perhaps I’ll reveal some great secret to

Not burden. Not bear or grow. Almost like nurture.

BURGEON! Burgeon posts when I feel like it and at a regular pace.

Yours burgeoning,

PS Honestly, Rich Tea biscuits are fucking brilliant! They’re cheap and go great with cups of tea. Two pounds for a meal a day!
I’m sick


Blog #002 – Social Media

Hey Tim,

So I knew this would happen – as soon as I start to write for a public audience, I’d start to be much more aware that I’m writing or people. My last blog was completely whatever I wanted to write about, but knowing that someone might be reading this one? Big change in tone. Big.

So let’s start the topic I want to chat about: Social Media.

I’m not a fan. I was once. Back in school when Facebook was on the rise, I was very much all for it, making statuses, making friends, etc. However, that was short-lived. After some stuff, I learnt that Facebook wasn’t what I needed, and hence I abandoned it. Nowadays, I mainly use it for the messenger. But trying to use it to keep track of what my friends are up to? I don’t know – just asking them seems to do the trick.

Some people I have as “friends” I don’t really care about, but I might as well keep there. It means I maintain a presence and a crowd. Because in essence, Facebook is a stage we’re all just standing on, yelling and performing, with everyone else acting as the audience. They cheer and applaud to your content, and you respond in kind, but isn’t it just a farce? I know that if I post a status, it’ll get a few likes and comments, but it all feels hollow.

It’s not within my interest. I don’t benefit.

Nowadays it feels like people push social media presence as a necessity. Some even try to market that you need to create a social media image. Perfect it. Improve it. And then you improve yourself. Now how two-faced is that, right? We have to create these fictional images of ourselves, made of all our best qualities and ignoring the flaws. And anyone browsing through your Facebook page, or your Twitter feed, or your Instagram album, or your Snapchat stories, what would they get? Would they gauge you well? Do you think the impression they get is even remotely like you?

I guess, then it’s more of a matter of ‘that’s not what Facebook is for’, but then what is it for? Because it sure doesn’t make me feel more connected? In fact, I feel much more distant, because it constantly reminds me who exactly I have barely connected with in my life, and some people who I’ve never spoken to since meeting. And reveals the bare connections I have to the people I hold closest to me.

I won’t fill out my Facebook profile. I don’t like taking selfies or pictures. I don’t feel it necessary to tell people what I’m up to, or even to get running commentary. If you want to know what I had for breakfast, you can ask me, but I’m not going to post it up on the wall, and have Robert comment that it looks “yummy!” and then get twenty ‘like’s, two of which are a ‘love’. What is that, is that a confidence boost? It’s fucking food!

Then again, maybe it’s a confidence thing. Maybe after some events, I’m just not confident people are interested in my life. Maybe. But either way, I’m not going to deal with that, and I’m not going to try and maintain a presence anywhere else either. I’ll do my things, live life, and if people are interested in what I’m up to then I expect they’ll ask me like they do already.

You know, show an interest in someone’s life.

I bet you have a pretty full Facebook profile, eh Tim? What have you got, like a thousand friends? You’re so damn connected, I hate you. Text me.

Yours socially,

PS Maybe I’ll try Twitter, but I just can’t come up with shit.


Blog #001 – Hope

That is a lot of hope right there. I’ve put two whole zeroes before the one. I’m hoping that one day I’ll reach that third digit. If I wrote a post every day, I still wouldn’t reach #100 until about the end of July. So if I were to write one or two a week, it’s going to take a year. So what’s the point?

I guess because sometimes it’s not bad to have a little hope. In the end, it doesn’t matter if I don’t succeed. I’m not going to bore people with that idea that ‘I’ll try my best to write as much as possible’ because I’ll just be letting people down in the end. And why do I want to pressure myself like that? Especially when no one cares

I guess I’m switching up my stance to use WordPress, because everyone else does at the moment, so I do care a little. Oh dear, looks like I’ve fallen into a little trap!


I suppose I’ll start by saying the last post on the other blog got pretty sad. I got pretty sad. So this is kind of a ‘bouncing-back’ thing. I fell but now I’ve got back up, and I’m ready to bat the balls back. Or the lemons. Or whatever the hell we use nowadays to describe life throwing punches. This is my interpretation of hope I guess? Is that lame? Is that too lame? Come on Tim, you have to help me out here.

I’m not sure how I’m going to keep the flow coming, but there’ll be ways. Maybe I’ll try writing at the office as I spend a lot of time there anyway.

One of the ways I’m going to try and improve is through home key typing. As I’m sure everyone’s aware, home key typing is done with your fingers remaining on the home keys ie. your forefingers on ‘f’ and ‘j’. It’s a little difficult to get your head around, but it does make your a faster typer. I mean I must have been slow at one point, but from years of typing I can usually do pretty well at free-typing. And that’s without home keys slowing me down! I guess after a while your fingers just memorise the keys positions!

I do end up losing my track of thought however as I become a lot slower and a lot more prone to mistakes. And the backspace button is just a whole lot farther away now my palms are fused to the base of my laptop. My pinkie just doesn’t reach that far.

I’ll save some of the stuff on my mind for a later post, for now I’ll just leave it at that. Let’s raise our glasses to a new hope, and that is in no way a reference.

Yours prematurely,

PS I’m going to steal the letter style from the various previous blogs I’ve done just because I like doing. Adds a bit of closure your know?