You’ve stumbled upon, or have had the privilege of being lead to discovering, the lost blog of a man who is not great at maintaining routines. However, to keep him sane and maintain his skills in the written word, he is attempting to maintain a blog. His mother once had a blog, and a section in a local monthly booked that got printed, and so he thought he’d follow similar steps.

She was awfully good at writing and quite funny as well.

She’s quite an inspiration.

So here is my own blog, which varies from rambling posts that I’ve written to maintain my quota, to rants about things I hate, to stories that I’ve written, and anecdotes on life, and memories of the past. If you think I’m any good, give me support, and I’ll appreciate you. Feel free to comment – I’ll probably answer as I’ve nothing better to do. And if you don’t enjoy it, that’s alright to. In the end I’m not writing for anyone in particular, apart from myself.

And maybe my mum