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Spark of War – Oneoff #01

As a writer, occasionally you get the drive to write something that’s just a ‘oneoff’. It won’t have a conclusion, it’s just to help keep your writing urge stimulated, right? A little creativity outlet. Like a snack before dinner. Occasionally, these ‘oneoff’s I write are due to some small ideas in my head, or thanks to some writing exercises I decide to entertain. For example, this one was after reading some fanfiction. Some decidedly… interesting fanfiction I will say. I’ll be honest, a lot of fanfiction out there it written without much care. And so the exercise comes out of just sprucing it up a bit and making it look and read a little nicer. Perhaps even improve the story a little.

If you feel like trying your hand at the same exercise it’s easy:
1 – Find a series (Book/TV/Film whatever) that you enjoy
2 – Look it up on
3 – Find a fanfic that is rather badly written in some form
4 – Attempt to rewrite it so that it makes sense and is enjoyable for everyone!
5 – ???
6 – Marvel at how much money you’ve made from a career in fanfiction (looking at you E L James!)

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