Blog #004 – Fashion

Dear Tim,

First off, I’m not a man who follows trends often; I think we’ve established that. Not because I think I’m above it all, but because I do my own thing. Fashion is one of those things I’m aware of that I don’t pay a lot of attention to. But I pay a little attention to.

I mean, I’m not going to go out wearing fluorescent colours and shorts am I? (Every time I think of fluorescent clothes, it reminds me of that one Goosebumps book where the protagonist is stated as doing just that. Just a strange character quirk. Then again, those books were weird.) But I also don’t like wearing a set style, and I don’t really read into what’s good. I just have a few rules that I think work.

For one, simplicity seems to be a common rule in life and everything. I don’t like to clutter up my style with too many patterns, and my favourite clothes are usually just plain and one colour. I also don’t often go for logos, because they’re usually too messy. You know what I’m talking about, the clothes that just have words or some picture on them? However, fan merchandise I can get behind! If the thing on your shirt is something you back then by all means, wear and support! If I could afford some of the fan shirts I wanted…

Anyway, simplicity also reigns in just general colour themes right? I’m not going to wear a different colour on every part of my body (unless I’m lazy) and that’s a good rule to go with right? Plus, I don’t mix up casual and smart too randomly. Sure some jeans with nice shoes can look good, but trainers with a suit is too David Tennant. And not enough Benedict Cumberbatch.

Plus, when it comes to dressing smartly, you do really need to be aware of those rules, lest you end up looking like an unknowledgeable fool. What if you were to wear a black belt, with brown shoes, you’d be a laughing stock! Okay maybe not, but damn it I won’t look like an uneducated idiot at formal events! Which is why I choose not to attend. Can’t make a fool of yourself if you’re not there (touch of the temple). No but I get the idea that no one will judge you at an event if you attire isn’t on point, but there it is a confidence boost to know you’ve dressed well and and look good. It’s like the argument for make-up; sometimes it’s not about other people.

I mean, in the end I still do my own stuff. I wear a scarf because it keeps the neck warm. I wear a large coat because I like having that kind of ‘swish’ that comes with a long tail. And I don’t wear shorts because I don’t like shorts and I hate them. Full stop. Don’t expect me to wear shorts.



Not doing it.

Anyway, I’ve started thinking that if I want to improve readership I should try engaging my audience, rather than making this website look any better. Well we all start somewhere, so share what rules you use in your styles in the comments! Or message me personally, that’s cool too, I like involvement. Give me tips. Or don’t. I’m not the boss.

Yours fashionably,

PS ‘The Ghost Next Door’ that’s the one:
“Hannah pulled on a pair of Day-Glo green shorts and a bright orange sleeveless top. Her parents were always teasing her about being color blind. “Give me a break! What’s the big deal if I like bright colors?” she always replied.”