Blog #008 – Video Killed the Radio Star

Hi Tim,

So I was on the radio again after not being on for pretty much a year. Student radio that is, not national broadcast style because, although that would be awesome, I don’t think the world is ready for my content and personality. But yes, I was live on RaW1251AM for a good twenty minutes, I think.

Sorry, I think that should be ‘RAW’. Name change.

It was a good time as it reminded me of the fun of radio. The excitement of saying things live and out loud that could be heard by tens, nay, hundreds of avid listeners! Sometimes, it’s like having a conversation with friends in a pub that causes you to laugh out loud, so loud that a few patrons turn their heads to see what might have caused such a tremendous outburst, but instead of that conversation being limited to the three or two participants, you’re sharing it’s content with everyone in pub so they can laugh a long.

It’s a little egotistical now that I think about it.

But then there’s the structure that comes with such shows. It’s just like the commentaries you find on YouTube except there’s no visual content – the audio content has to make do for both which can be pretty tricky. These are the speech and chat shows that litter Student Radio and they can be attributed to being basically “live podcasts”.

Then there are the music shows, those graceful and good natured folk who present and talk about genres of music; some that you’ll have heard of and some you’ll have never of dreamed of. Those are talented folk who can make you enthusiastic about something you’ve not been enthusiastic for, who can link two pieces of music perfectly and help you discover interests you didn’t realise you had. I discovered a lot of music I liked whilst in RaW, it was helpful for that – you just attract a large amount of people who love music and share a dream of sharing it with the world.

But then you’ve the discussion shows. Hard to pull off – you need a strong presenter to keep a discussion going and keep it fair. Keep it interesting. Keep it current. Anyone who excels in creating these shows, you know can excel in doing so in the industry. After all, students are one of the loudest demographics when it comes to debate and the moral compass, so trying to deal with a room of them is a challenge. Especially if dealing with a controversial subject. Of course, these shows tend to be no good if they end up being nod-alongs or “circlejerks” (pardon the term) – that does no good.

In the end, you constantly have a stream of different and varied people, with different and varied aspirations for a show on the radio. They might want to show-case their fondest interests, make a name for themself on campus, spark debates, advertise their work, or even if its just for the fun of it. I loved that we provided an hour to pretty much everyone who wanted the chance, and I loved supporting those people. I loved meeting those people, and whilst I didn’t share an excitement in the medium, I share the excitement in the message. The power of it all.

So today, I was on a show for twenty minutes doing an on-air pub quiz. It was good fun, I loved every second of it, and it reminds me exactly what I miss of my time in university. I’m glad I took the opportunity to be involved when I did.

Good time indeed.

Yours reminiscently,

PS Maybe in the future I’ll make a radio station. Guess I need to start raising some money.


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