Blog #006 – Like I Say…

Dear Tim,

Sometimes, you gotta just do something.

I haven’t really got an idea where this blog is going to do, but bear with me. Recently, I’ve been property hunting for somewhere a little nicer and somewhere I’d actually like to stick around in for maybe a year or so. London’s Property Rent Market however is the absolute worst of anything you can expect. So big warning to anyone looking to get a place in London; you’re going to have a bad time. Probably. Most likely.

It seems the market runs fast. People can get a new room in a day, or even less than a day! There are people that do throw room advertisements that they want people to move in immediately, so who am I to say they’re lying? But no, things do move fast – there’s a lot of people in London, a lot of people moving, so you can’t hesitate too long on a place else it will most definitely disappear. And then you get that hesitation bias!

Note: What do I mean by “hesitation bias”? I mean that feeling you get where you say, ‘Ooh, I better do this quick else I’ll miss out on it.’ It’s an evil ploy, because if you’re easily susceptible, and possibly very gullible, you can get swindled very easily. I mean, these people have no reason to make you hurry, so don’t hurry with giving out money to people. That leads to bad news. Sure, property disappears pretty fast, but new ones become available every day. So don’t get caught up in the rush – it can ruin you, cause you to settled for an overpriced hole in the ground, or just lose money.

So with this search, you can expect I’m like that. It’s very difficult also to ascertain the “average” in London. Let me tell you, one of my minimums is a nice clean bathroom. That’s not a hard ask. You have someone who really cares and makes up a nice room for your toilet and shower, and you can live happily knowing there won’t be spiders making a nest for millions of babies right behind the sink basin. (shudder) Plus, unclean bathrooms are just asking for a blame game. Who can be sure what caused that black mould on the ceiling – it could be the showers I take, or maybe it’s the fact there’s no bloody ventilation in this room!

Another minimum I have had is a living area. This is difficult centrally. Further out it’s more feasible. The problem is space is costly the closer your are to the centre. Places get smaller, more people in one place, that kind of thing. The centre of London you can expect has some real “Sardine Tin” situations. Further out it gets easier, but the luxury of actually a room for lounging is hard sought for. I would enjoy the comfort of having my own sofa. It means options for lounging.

Anyway, let me now clarify my current place is no hovel. I like it. It’s pleasant enough, but it hasn’t quite ticked all my boxes, hence the push to leave. Finding a place that’s going to somewhere more permanent will be a task and a half, but I feel certain it can be accomplished. It just requires looking hard, being diligent and not giving up easily.

And just in the same way, that’s why I’m keeping up the blog.

Yours cyclically,

PS Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within in a wheel, never ending nor beginning, like an ever spinning reel, like a snowball down a mountain, like a carnival balloon, like a carousel that keeps turning running rings around the room, like a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes round its face, and the world is like an apple whirling silently in space, like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind.


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